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Caregiver Certification Course

Value priced at only $219.95 for the entire course.


This comprehensive course has been especially designed to prepare individuals for work as a caregiver in an in-home setting, in a boarding home, in an assisted living or residential care community, and in a family care setting. 


This course is especially designed to optimize the online learning experience, using the following elements:

  • Story-telling and sample situations.  Telling stories helps the learner retain the information, while making it more interesting and engaging.  Using story-based scenarios, many of which require the learner to make decisions (“What would you do?”) significantly increase retention of content.
  • Interactive online learning.  Old school online learning often meant opening a file and reading a chapter of content, followed by a test.  Current online learning theory requires much more interactivity, engaging the learning in a variety of activities to increase their interest – and retention – in the learning process.  This course incorporates some of the very best in interactive learning tools currently available.
  • High visual and emotional impact. Training new caregivers means not only teaching new skills but also teaching values: person-centered care, meeting emotional as well as physical needs of clients, ethical behaviors, excellence and commitment.  Using highly visual content, including media-rich elements of video and music, helps create emotional learning as well as cognitive learning.
  • Testing and evaluation. Learners have many opportunities for self-testing and measurement as well as learning activities designed to help reinforce learning.  Managers have the confidence of knowing, as well, that learners are achieving passing scores on each module test before receiving their certificate of completion.


Online training just makes sense in today’s busy, fast-paced world.  Caring for Mom and aQuire Training Solution’s Caregiver Certification Course makes training for caregiving staff accessible, affordable and effective, while increasing the quality of care to our clients and loved ones.


Overview of Course Content

(Note: Individual modules may be purchased separately starting at $9.95; click on link following module title for details)

Module 1:  Becoming a Caregiver (View Sample Course Module)


Module 2:  Basic Foundations for Care


  • Understanding Client Rights(details)
  • Promoting Your Clients' Independence(details)
  • Understanding Elder Abuse(details)
  • Human Needs & Development(details)
  • Body Systems and the Aging Process(details)
  • Common Chronic Diseases in the Senior Population(details)
  • Common Communicable Diseases in the Senior Population(details)
  • Handling Difficult Situations and Behaviors(details)


Module 3: Caregiving in an Emergency


  • Emergency First Aid: Burns and Poisons(details)
  • Emergency First Aid: Heart Attack and Shock(details)
  • Emergency First Aid: Choking and Falls(details)
  • Emergency First Aid: Stroke and Wounds(details)
  • Emergency First Aid: Other Sudden Emergencies(details)


Module 4: Nuts and Bolts of Caregiving



Module 5: Providing Personal Care and Services



Module 6: Crucial Skills


  • Observation, Reporting and Recording(details)
  • End of Life Care(details)
  • Managing your Work and Avoiding Caregiver Stress(details)
  • Caregiver Conduct-Regulations, Co-workers and Families(details)
  • Understanding Sexual Harassment and Misconduct(details)